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Ready to send accounts our way?

Our goal at Accounts Advocate Agency is to make submission of accounts to our office as convenient as possible for you.  Whether you are using a billing company or do your own billing, whether you are using another agency or have never used one before, we are here to make your transition to using our services seamless.

For this reason, we accept accounts in a number of ways.  In fact, you can send accounts to us even if we've never been in touch with you before this moment.

All accounts must have the following information:
  • Name of Responsible Party (e.g., patient, guarantor, customer)

  • Address

  • Telephone Number(s)

  • Date of Service

  • Amount Placed

Additional useful information:
  • Social Security Number

  • Date of Birth

  • Emergency Contact Information (e.g., spouse, Power of Attorney)

  • Collection Fee, if you are adding one per your financial statement given to your consumers

  • Helpful Information: Did an insurance company pay the consumer directly?  Did the consumer set up a payment arrangement with you?  Was this a motor vehicle accident?  Has the consumer moved to a new address?

  • For Medical Providers: Was there insurance?  If so, did it pay?  Is this the out-of-pocket expense?  Was the claim denied?  For an ambulance company, where was the patient picked up and where was he or she taken?

By Fax

Fax Number: 484.660.3865

  • Print or write and send these two items:

    • A statement, invoice, trip sheet, or account summary

    • The consumer's demographic information (either on a separate sheet or written right on the statement, invoice, etc.)

  • OR complete and send a placement sheet (available online in PDF format)

By Mail

Address: Accounts Advocate Agency, 1001 South 4th Street, Hamburg, PA 19526

  • Mail information as indicated above

By Email

E-mail Address:

  • E-mail scanned information as indicated above

  • OR e-mail files as attachments as indicated above

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